Listening For “Air Force One” On The ATC


For everyone who wants to celebrate Barack Obama’s first visit to Canada, you may want to listen to the ATC for the Air Force One callsign.  Conviently, has the terminal, tower, ground and cleareance frequencies setup for Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport.  You can find the link to the streaming audio here, or if you would like a diagram of the airport to look at, check out  I believe Air Force One usually lands at Ottawa Macdonal-Cartier, but someone once told me that there is also a Canadian Air Force base near by where it sometimes lands, maybe in the event of an emergency.  I wonder if the controller will say something funny when they make radio contact.

The green Air Force One pictured above is an April Fouls joke from How Stuff  It was suposedly a new version of Air Force One that uses hybrid fuel technology.  Something the US government should get cracking on anyway.  I wonder if it’s more fuel efficient to fly the president in a F-18 than it is to fly him in a Boeing 747.

Obama will arrive at approximately 10:30am ET on February 19th.

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